Sunday, July 19, 2009

Install KDE 4.3 RC2 in openSUSE11.1

I am using KDE 4.3 RC2 in openSUSE 11.1, and simply its rock solid...
I used one click installer to install it.
Yeh, i know few days remaining for the official final release, but still RC2 is working fine.
One click installer for openSUSE 11.1 from factory repo:

For more versions, read here.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Google OS -- New era going to Begin.

Hi all...
Google announced to jump into OS war. I already mentioned this is openSUSE forum, but no body was agree that time, i hope this time they will. But this time, its something different to try.
I just read the post from Google blog. The things are going to be centralized this time, and Google are adopting it well while looking at its market shares.
I hope, it will be a big blow for M$.

Read more here.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Install MS fonts in openSUSE 11.1

Some time we need to use fonts like: new times roman and arial and verdana.
These fonts are not available by default in openSUSE. So we need to install them manually.
Its easy to install, just some basic steps and we will be done.

So lets start:
1st of all we need cabextract, by default it will be installed in openSUSE 11.1 version, but if not then install it by this way.

Open terminal and become root by su and then password.
zypper in cabextract

Now we will use 10.3 script to install the fonts, i had checked it and its working fine.

Now type:
chmod a+x

Now last time type:

And it will install MS fonts for you, to check, open openoffice writer and you will see all fonts there.